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    What to keep in mind when writing contracts

    As a small business owner, you will have to draft business contracts. Sure, there are a lot of templates online but every situation and business has different needs, so you can't always rely on such templates.

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    Strike a loan deal with creditors

    Developing a relationship of trust from the start with lenders can help support your company's development in the long term.

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    Source funding in tough market

    Determining priorities will help you reshape your business to achieve strategic goals and approach potential lenders and investors.

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    Five Popular Crowdfunding Sites

    Have a great idea but no funds? Get backers for your goal through these crowdfunding sites.

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    Understanding angel investors

    There are several types of angel investors; find out which is right for your business.

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    Issues related to tenor, fees and interests

    When starting a new business, it is important to choose the right bank.

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    How to successfully get the loan

    12 May 2014 When business awaits you out there, paper pushing will seem a dull task. But paperwork is vital when an entrepreneur applies for a loan - whether for short-term working capital or long-term funding. The first step is to get your company's legal and financial paperwork in order for a three-year span. For new kids on the block, a strong and detailed business plan with liquid collateral w

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    How to choose your lender

    So you hired the professionals who helped you get all your documentation ready to raise funds. Armed with the papers, you decide to go shopping for a bank who will lend more than just a patient ear. But how do you go about choosing your lender? Do you go to a local bank, a commercial bank or opt for Non-banking Financing Companies (NBFCs)? LOCAL BANKS

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    Recognise intangible assets early

    Budding entrepreneurs often focus on the growth and assessment of the tangible assets of their businesses; assets like inventory and revenue. However, it is crucial that they identify and pay attention to intangible assets, as well.

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